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Why Custom-Made Tablets Are Superior To Commercial Tablets

Custom-Made TabletsCustom-made tablets are more durable, more secure, and offer superior functionality over mass-produced commercial tablets used for military, medical, or industrial purposes. Here we describe how custom-made tablets, including custom-made Android tablets, are more durable – and quite simply, better – for most trades and industries than the commercial versions.

Tablets (that is, tablet computers) are flat, sleek, mobile computing devices with touchscreen display technology. Along with the touchscreen display and sensors that keep the screen’s visual content presented upright, tablets function much like smartphones, with mobile operating systems and virtual keyboards, as well as digital cameras and microphones. But not all tablets are created equal. Custom-made versions are far superior to the commercial versions for a number of reasons. Here’s why:

Commercially-made tablets are made for personal and light business use by the average consumer. Typical uses include entertainment, communication, learning, and convenience. But because commercially-made tablets are produced in large quantities for a mass audience, they also lack the durability, special features, and security enabled by custom-built tablets.

Commercial-grade tablets won’t meet the needs met of many trades and professions. Construction, mining, warehousing, and any kind of field work will require a durability and functionality that meets the rigors of the environment and demands of the job. Medical tablets must be secured within its hardware, software, and enclosure for both patient safety and privacy. For security and government use, the commercial versions don’t even come close to what’s required. Custom-made tablets stand above their commercial counterparts with the integrated deployment of critical features. The benefits of custom-made tablets include:

  • Tough integrated enclosures that are specifically designed for the user’s needs, with features that are often lighter and thinner than adding removable outer shells
  • The ultra-durable enclosures are made of materials that are resistant to many types of liquids and contaminants, including oil, bleaches, cleaning agents, acids, and more
  • Waterproof/watertight IP67 connectors, switches, microphones, and speakers
  • Display/touchscreens that are built on chemically strengthened glass, with impact and shatter resistance
  • Displays that can be customized to improve outdoor readability and can be used in extreme temperatures, in direct sunlight, in the presence of moisture, and when the user wears gloves
  • Rugged buttons designed for impact and vibration resistance, can be pushed even when wearing gloves, and provide tactile feedback upon pressing
  • Specialized interfaces, sensors, or other modules can be integrated within the tablet
  • Customized operating system that eliminates bloatware and other unwanted software, allows boot into a specific application, and locks down tablet configuration and settings
  • Added security features, incorporated within the electronics, enclosure, or software, that provide additional protection and also erase critical information or disable operation when a tamper is detected

The full range of superior features of custom-made tablets goes even further. Commercially mass produced tablets are at high risk of both physical and electronic compromises – but not so with custom-built tablets that have been designed specific to an industry or application. For those industry and government applications that have a need for reliability, durability, security, availability, product superiority, and minimized total cost of ownership custom-made tablet computers are the only true option.

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