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I’m Carlos Valeiras; CEO of SECO USA. I’d like to introduce and welcome you to the new SECO USA’ blog. Here we will be discussing interesting topics regarding embedded computing, design for embedded applications, handheld and mobile designs, and hot topics in the technology industry. We will have contributions from our engineers, our sales and marketing team, and our production team. In addition, we hope to bring you ideas and tips for getting your products to market quicker and within your budget.
Here at SECO USA we spend a great deal of time and resources designing our own off-the-shelf boards and finished products so we understand the complexities of bringing a product to market. We help our customers define their product and then, starting from one of our proven off-the-shelf platforms, we help you realize your product quickly and efficiently. We have expertise in circuit board design, mechanical enclosure design, software, and system level design and we can provide support in any or all of these areas to complete your product.
For the past 12 years, we have helped customers bring their product to life in a variety of markets, including: military, medical, oil and gas, transportation, instrumentation, communications, robotics and industrial. We find that designing for rugged environmental conditions allows us to deliver high quality products with exceptional reliability, long life cycles, and ready to meet your stringent requirements. We have achieved product success under some of the most stringent regulatory environments such as: ATEX, TUV, MIL-SPEC, NSA, and PTCRB among others.
Embedded computing has long been in the background of the design industry, with the main focus on the consumer market where volumes are much greater. Today, the Internet of Things is bringing embedded computing into the foreground.
With our rich history and embedded expertise we look forward to sharing our knowledge of the embedded market, engineering processes, and the growing Internet of Things. Our experience with military product development makes us unique experts in the areas of: reliability, communication, security, remote access, protection from harsh environments, long life cycles, and specially designed software

Please join us for future posts. If you have any suggestions, blog topic requests, or questions, email us – we’ll be happy to help!


…..Carlos Valeiras,


  • By: Carlos Valeiras
  • Published: Jun 5th 2014
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