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Outtake: Egg to the Face from Proving our Rugged Tablet, Episode 3

  • By: admin
  • Published: Nov 12th 2014
  • Categorized: Blog

In honor of deviled eggs and turkey dinners tomorrow, we present  you our latest blooper reel in which yours truly takes an egg to the face. Proving our ‘nearly indestructbile’ Hydra-F6 rugged tablet is taking the term “eat an egg” to a new level. Maybe Rodney Feldman, Director of Systems…

Proving Our ’Nearly Indestructible’ Rugged Tablet: Dishwasher

  • By: Rodney Feldman
  • Published: Aug 13th 2015
  • Categorized: Blog

Our latest Hydra-F6 durability test takes us to SECO USA’s kitchen, where the tablet gets a wash. The average dishwasher gets up to 70 degrees Celsius and the tablet is able to withstand temperatures up to 75 degrees Celsius; this is a good test. And as we decide to have…

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