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Considerations for Planning a Custom Electronic Device Design

  • By: Rodney Feldman
  • Published: Nov 6th 2017
  • Categorized: Blog

Companies continually assess product roadmaps, define projects and schedules, allocate resources, and assign budgets for meeting their business needs. Since managers and project teams will be held accountable to working within these constraints, it is important to fully understand the many factors of developing an electronic product and account for…

The Red Carpet Treatment: Cannes Film Festival, Oscars, and Custom Electronic Design

  • By: Mike MacDonald
  • Published: May 25th 2017
  • Categorized: Blog

I am huge movie buff! In fact, I often have conversations with my brothers using just movie quotes (and our wives are embarrassed every time). However, despite my love for movies, I’ve never enjoyed watching the Cannes Film Festival or the Oscars. I will check the day after to see…

Design Guide for Portable Electronic Devices

  • By: Rodney Feldman
  • Published: Mar 31st 2017
  • Categorized: Blog

The demand for portable electronic devices continues to increase with the popularity of smartphones, tablets and similar devices. These devices must be lightweight, rugged, responsive, and long battery life. The key to designing portable devices is implementing a large amount of functionality packed into a small space while minimizing power…

Video Overview: Modified COTS

  • By: Keith Lowe
  • Published: Dec 18th 2014
  • Categorized: Blog

Today we have a video overview of SECO USA’s modified COTS products and services. What are modified COTS? What are the advantages? And some examples of our own board and tablets modified products and services. Have a video suggestion? Email it to    

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