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SECO invests in the Artificial Intelligence of Oro Networks

SECO has signed an agreement for the acquisition of Oro Networks, a US company based in the Silicon Valley. A strategic transaction creating value for SECO’s shareholders and giving rise to SECO Mind US. The acquisition of a highly growing and profitable business will allow SECO to sell its IoT-AI CLEA suite…

Security: Forethought and Planning Avoids Problems

  • By: Mike MacDonald
  • Published: Feb 17th 2017
  • Categorized: Blog

My wife and I were watching the news the other night and a story came up about the latest telemarketing scam that is making its way around the country. With this new scam, you answer your phone and a person who sounds like a telemarketer asks, “Can you hear me…

Internet of Things King, Embedded Systems

  • By: Carlos Valeiras
  • Published: Dec 2nd 2014
  • Categorized: Blog

Embedded computing is nothing new, but as connectivity and networking have become more affordable and pervasive in mainstream products, embedded computing begins to touch every aspect of our lives. In fact, it’s probably in your pocket or purse right now and will soon be in every vehicle, appliance, medical device,…

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