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SECO’s Embedded AI Differentiator

In 1982 the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT) started with the advent of “smart devices.” Then around 2008, IoT was introduced for machine – machine communications. Embedded computer companies quickly realized that to maximize the value they provide their customers, they need to tightly integrate IoT with their embedded computer portfolios. Additionally, they found mainstream consumer connectivity couldn’t simply be applied to the embedded world as-is. IoT communications and capabilities require a number of specialized technologies within embedded devices. These capabilities include: over the air updates, remote device management, predictive diagnostics through strategically implemented on-device sensors, and environmentally sound enclosures. Moving machine learning, data processing and decision making to the edge minimizes response times in critical applications and the amount of data ultimately transmitted via the IoT.

The nature of the integration of IoT capabilities with the underlying embedded electronics platform is an important consideration. Some IoT solutions can be provided by companies that only focus on the IoT connectivity and cloud storage aspects, leaving the responsibility of the integrating these capabilities with embedded devices and sensors to the end-customer or a third party integrator. This approach can work, but is not optimal in terms of schedule, cost, technical risk, ownership and performance standpoint. When problems arise, valuable time is often lost in working across a number of parties in isolating and resolving the issue. This is particularly true when trying to solve problems relating to the interfaces between the solutions supplied by multiple 3rd parties.

SECO provides an integrated and therefore more efficient approach. SECO offers both the embedded circuit hardware platforms and the Clea IoT AI Platform solution suite that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis (including algorithm development). By partnering with a company like SECO that has both embedded hardware and IoT expertise, customers benefit from a higher level of integration, software stack optimization, reduced latency, and monitoring/troubleshooting support. SECO’s IoT engineering teams in Italy, the US, and India are available to optimize Clea for each customer’s specific use case.

Similar to embedded computing and IoT, AI requires optimization for the specific application. Clea also includes an artificial intelligence and data orchestration tool suite. While there are a handful of companies globally that offer embedded and IoT expertise, SECO is the leader in offering all three (embedded, IoT and AI) in an all-in-one solution. Adding embedded AI to the equation exponentially increases the value the SECO all-in-one solutions. Like the IoT portion of Clea, the AI tool suite is backed by a global team of SECO developers to optimize these capabilities for each customer.

There is a business model benefit associated with SECO providing a complete IoT, AI and embedded solution. Since SECO realizes recurring revenue streams from its customers, it doesn’t need to try and make all of its revenue and profit on the front-end engineering services. This model means that a significant portion of SECO’s financial success is tied to the customer’s financial success – both parties are in complete alignment.

Knowing how critical all-in-one embedded, IoT and AI solutions are to our customer’s business, SECO has also made the necessary investments to ensure 24×7 coverage anywhere in the world as part of its SECO Care initiative. Find out how SECO can enable your business with a complete IoT/AI embedded solution which minimizes development costs, quickens time to deployment, maximizes reliability, and lowers total cost of ownership.

Please let us know if you have any questions, information request and/or would like to have an initial discussion about SECO and its embedded, IoT, AI all-in-one solutions.

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