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SECO USA Technology Supports VoxTec’s New Phraselator™

BatterySmart3 and Fingertip3 Low-Power Platforms are Licensed for Improved Handheld
Rockville, MD, March 29th, 2004—SECO USA, Inc., a leader in the development of ultra-low-power handheld and wireless device architectures, today announced that VoxTec (Annapolis, MD) – a subsidiary of Marine Acoustics – has licensed SECO USA’s low-power reference platform technology. VoxTec is using SECO USA’s technology in its Phraselator P2. The P2 is a handheld device that translates spoken English phrases into other languages. The military fielded Phraselator prototypes and are already using the new P2 with a variety of languages.

The P2 is a complete redesign of the Phraselator 1100 prototypes and incorporates across-the-board improvements such as longer battery life, higher-fidelity audio, more accurate speech recognition, an expanded phrase library and better ergonomics. The P2’s design is also highly modular, allowing for the straightforward integration of accessories to expand the device’s capabilities.

“We had success with the first Phraselator and learned many lessons during its development,” said Ace Sarich, VoxTec’s Vice President. “Combined with the expertise of SECO USA and our other design partners, we were able apply these lessons to achieve a device with remarkable capabilities.”

Mark Cosgrove, VoxTec’s Program Manager for the P2, elaborates, “When selecting design partners for the P2, concerns about battery life were at the top of our list. SECO USA not only told us we could achieve better battery life, they also provided a meaningful demonstration of how their technology would get us there. SECO USA’s strong technology portfolio and design services contributed to making the P2 a powerful product.”

“The P2 is a truly remarkable handheld device, with an elegant simplicity and ease of use that belies its underlying technical sophistication,” noted Andrew Girson, SECO USA’s CEO. “To play a key role in the P2’s development is a strong testimony to the exceptional capabilities of SECO USA’s technical staff and our low-power technologies.”

VoxTec’s P2 is already in production and is being used in a variety of hotspots, including the Middle East. The multi-year agreement between VoxTec and SECO USA incorporates high-volume intellectual property licensing as well as custom software and hardware design and integration services.

About SECO USA, Inc.
SECO USA, Inc. is an ultra-portable handheld platform provider to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company provides commercial off-the-shelf developer’s kits that are industrial-strength and power-efficient, for uses in the military, medical technology and telecommunications industries among others. The platforms accommodate standard wireless, data storage and acquisition plugins. Fingertip, Elf and BatterySmart are built on the industry’s leading technologies including Intel’s StrongARM and XScale RISC chips and Windows CE and Linux operating systems. The company’s headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. For more information please view the company web site at
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