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SECO USA Introduces Miniature Fingertip3 Reference Platform

Rockville, MD, August 18th, 2003—SECO USA, Inc., the experts in designing low-power handheld and wireless device platforms, today announced its latest Fingertip board-level platform, the Fingertip3. Incorporating Intel’s new XScale microprocessor and at about the size of a standard credit card, the Fingertip3 also optionally supports an ultra-low-power mobile memory architecture and includes enhancements to measure and adjust the CPU’s core operating voltage on-the-fly.

“With Fingertip3, we challenged our engineering team to take full advantage of new CPU features to reduce power consumption and extend battery life,” said Andrew Girson, SECO USA’s CEO. “They responded with a variety of features – including a low-voltage mobile memory design – designed to both increase battery life and provide the hardware/software developer with tight control of performance and power consumption.”

Coupled with SECO USA’s award-winning BatterySmart system software suite, Fingertip3 drops power consumption to new lows. BatterySmart also incorporates XScale’s new dynamic performance monitoring capabilities and includes features such as an improved real-time dynamic clock-scaling algorithm, reduced power peripheral software drivers, and additional measurement and analysis tools. Using BatterySmart3 and with low-voltage memory, Fingertip3’s idle-mode power consumption is 50% lower than the previous StrongARM-based Fingertip reference platform. In addition, Fingertip3 now includes a Secure Digital slot in addition to a Compact Flash slot, further increasing flexibility.

New Fingertip3 development platforms will be available in mid September with SECO USA’s BatterySmart3 software for Microsoft Corp.’s Windows CE.NET and Linux. Development platform pricing is $2995, boards are available for volume purchase, and the complete Fingertip3 reference platform is also available for licensing.

About SECO USA, Inc.
SECO USA, Inc. is an ultra-portable handheld platform provider to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company provides commercial off-the-shelf developer’s kits that are industrial-strength and power-efficient, for uses in the military, medical technology and telecommunications industries among others. The platforms accommodate standard wireless, data storage and acquisition plugins. Fingertip, Elf and OmniMeter are built on the industry’s leading technologies including Intel’s StrongARM and XScale RISC chips and Windows CE and Linux operating systems. The company’s headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. For more information please view the company web site at

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  • Published: Aug 18th 2003
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