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SECO USA Introduces Its Third Generation Rugged Tablet – The Hydra-Q6™

SECO USA proudly announces our third generation platform for custom tablet and display applications. The Hydra-Q6™ tablet incorporates the rugged features of our Hydra line of tablets with a flexible architecture for quickly prototyping and deploying your optimal tablet solution. SECO USA can provide customization to allow you to get to market with a branded/unique tablet incorporating your specific product requirements. The Hydra-Q6 is based on the proven NXP quad-core i.MX 6 ARM processor.

Packaging for the Hydra-Q6 can customized for tablet, kiosk, display head, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), panel PC, or any type of portable devices. The rugged tablet features the i.MX 6 processor, memory, flash storage, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE, battery with charger and fuel gauge, sensors including accelerometer and magnetometer, GPS, digital microphone, speakers, and more. A variety of signals can be brought out to an expansion connector enabling the interfaces you require. Functions such as NFC, CAN, magnetic card readers, and custom interfaces can easily be added.  

The Hydra-Q6 tablet features a 7 inch high resolution LCD with resistive touchscreen, MIL-SPEC rugged waterproof enclosure, waterproof connectors, rugged buttons and expansion connector, ambient light sensor, and rugged DC power jack. The tablet can easily be customized with other interfaces, wireless radios, antennas, alternate displays (including different sizes, resolutions, and brightness), capacitive touch, enclosure form-factor and color, private labeling, custom mounts and docks, and more.

SECO USA’s Modified COTS approach allows us to quickly modify its circuitry, external connections, operating system, enclosure, and look/feel of the tablet to meet your exact requirements in a quick and cost effective manner. Whether the customization is to remove features to cost reduce the solution or add application unique features, SECO USA has more than likely done it before! Our experience reduces your time to market, cost and risk.

Operating systems for the Hydra-Q6 feature Android and Linux. For applications requiring real time control, Real time operating systems (RTOS) such as VxWorks, can be deployed. Each OS is tailored to the tablet, including those customized via Modified COTS, providing full board support packages (BSPs) that ease application development. Additionally, secure update technology may selective be deployed, providing an authenticated means for updating any aspect of the tablet’s software configuration, including the OS, applications, and device configurations. Such updates are fully controlled by clients who purchase the Hydra-Q6 or modified COTS variant, and not by SECO USA.

SECO USA currently delivers tablet solutions to the military, medical, automotive, transportation, industrial field operations, and education industries. These varied industries have similar core (processing and OS) requirements but have very different software, mechanical, connectivity, security, regulatory, and application needs. SECO USA specializes in converting your electronics, packaging, and software requirements into a market-ready product.

SECO USA’s focus on the embedded, rugged, industrial markets means design with components with long life, wide temp ranges, and rugged characteristics. The typical life span for our products (and our clients’ custom products) is 8+ years. With demanding regulatory certifications and the need for a stable supply chain, being forced into product modifications every 1-2 years is unacceptable. If you rely on commercial tablets for your custom application, you may be unexpectedly forced into expensive modifications or even to start over frequently. With your own custom solution, you can count on long life, flexibility and control over your product for years to come.

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