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SECO USA Introduces Fingertip Complete Strong Arm Platform

Las Vegas, NV (February 6, 2001) – SECO USA, a leading provider of handheld computing solutions to OEMs, today introduced the Fingertip handheld computing platform at the Windows Embedded Developers’ Conference. Fingertip delivers ultra-portable device development starter kits and production-ready boards that fully support Windows CE 3.0, a highly componentized embedded operating system for 32-bit connected client devices that demand rich applications and Internet services. In addition, Fingertip incorporates the latest in high performance and low power consumption.

“Fingertip’s main attribute is its level of integration,” said Andrew Girson, CEO of SECO USA. “Our customers desire to create smaller and smaller devices, with reduced voltage requirements. We allow Fingertip-based handhelds to operate with fewer batteries. The combination of a small footprint, reduced battery requirements, and complete handheld functionality provides our customers with many options to create very small, feature-packed handhelds.”

“The form factors that OEMs are targeting for their embedded devices are continuing to decrease in size,” said Keith White, director of marketing for the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. “SECO USA’s Fingertip, in combination with the rich functionality of Windows CE 3.0, will help enable OEMs to quickly and easily bring to market small but powerful Windows Powered handheld devices.”

Fingertip delivers a starter kit designed to decrease development time and risk for developing handheld devices by creating solutions built around compact, powerful computer boards and software applications.

Fingertip is for Ultra-Portable Device Development:
At 2.75 inches on a side, the Fingertip single-board computer occupies 7.5 square inches, yet includes complete handheld/PDA functionality.

Industrial Strength/ Low Power Consumption:
The Fingertip platform incorporates Intel’s StrongARM SA-1110 RISC CPU with up to 16MB of Flash memory and 32MB of DRAM, and consumes less than one watt at 206MHz. Fingertip operates from unregulated DC supplies, ranging from 3.6 volts to 12 volts, and includes a smart battery charger.

Compact Flash and other Peripheral Interfaces:
Fingertip offers a Compact Flash socket, up to three serial ports, 12 programmable I/Os, a multimedia codec, a USB port, and LCD and touchscreen interfaces.

Hardware/software development platform starter kits are available now. The starter kits include free online access to SECO USA’s unique Software Development Kits (SDKs), including those for data acquisition, speech recognition, and signal processing.

Fingertip is available for $250 in OEM quantities and is shipping in volume in the second quarter.
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