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SECO USA Honors Dr. Dave Stewart for Ten Years of Service to Embedded Systems Conference

20th year of Embedded Systems Conference Marks Ten Year Anniversary for SECO USA’s Director of Software

Rockville, MD (April 11, 2008) – SECO USA, Inc., a leader in low-power, handheld and wireless device platforms for OEMs, today congratulates Director of Software, Dr. David Stewart, on ten years of presenting technical courses at Embedded Systems Conferences – at both the west and east coast conferences. In 2006, Dr. Stewart won the Honored Instructor award at ESC-Boston and remains one of the most sought-after instructors at ESC conferences.
Dr. Stewart has been in the field of embedded systems for nearly 20 years. He earned his Ph.D. in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, was a computer engineering professor at the University of Maryland and co-founded and served as CTO of ERS, Inc. prior to joining SECO USA. He has multiple areas of expertise, such as system architecting and debugging techniques, in various market segments, such as mobile computing, aerospace and transportation, Currently, Dr. Stewart’s focus is on advanced power management for wireless and battery-operated devices.

“Dave has such a sound understanding of real-time and embedded systems software that is hard to find. His knowledge and skills provide untold benefits to SECO USA’s customers,” said Jonathan Kim, VP of Engineering, for SECO USA. “It is great to see hiss contributions recognized by a decade of invitations to lecture at ESC.”

“Dr. Stewart is one of the most highly-rated presenters at ESC,” said Jack Ganssle, Keynote Speaker for ESC-Silicon Valley 2008. “His unique understanding of embedded systems software, coupled with academic research, professional experience and embedded applications, provides attendees with superior courses, such as real-time performance of embedded systems and embedded system debugging. I would like to congratulate Dr. Stewart on ten years of excellence at the Embedded Systems Conference and thank him for his contributions to embedded software engineering.”

SECO USA, Inc. is a leading provider of low-power embedded systems to Original Equipment Manufacturers. Every SECO USA developed system includes BatterySmart®, SECO USA’s patented run-time power management software for developers of battery-operated handheld and wireless devices, such as PDAs, wearable computers, industrial computers, and smart sensors. The company’s products are used in a variety of industries, including military, healthcare, entertainment, and instrumentation. SECO USA’s products are built on industry-leading technologies such as Intel’s Atom processor, Marvell’s PXA processors, and Linux and Microsoft Windows CE and XP operating systems. The company’s headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. For more information, please visit

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  • Published: Apr 11th 2008
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