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SECO USA Enhances Low-Power Features with Fingertip4 Handheld Platform

Boston, MA, September 12th, 2005—SECO USA, Inc., a leading developer of low-power handheld and wireless device platforms, today introduced its updated Fingertip4 board-level platform at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston.

New Features
Incorporating Intel’s XScale-based PXA270 microprocessor, the Fingertip4 is about the size of a credit card and incorporates a variety of new features including USB Host capabilities, and an advanced external interconnect to support the integration of additional electronics. This new interconnect architecture provides a variety of high-performance parallel and serial interfaces to hardware and software developers, increasing the range of devices for which Fingertip4 is ideal.

Power Management System
Fingertip4 leverages SECO USA’s award-winning BatterySmart power management software suite to facilitate control of performance and power consumption, by allowing greater responsiveness to voltage and frequency changes. SECO USA’s latest power management advances are available in Fingertip4 with a new power supply architecture that boosts the efficiency of power delivery and incorporates real-time voltage adjustment features to extend the battery life of handheld devices. This new approach will allow Fingertip4 to incorporate features that give software developers more direct control of performance and battery life.

Pricing and Availability
New Fingertip4 development platforms will be available from SECO USA in October for Microsoft Corp.’s Windows CE and Linux operating systems. Fingertip4 development platforms start at $2,995 and the Fingertip4 is available for volume purchase.
“We remain committed to offering the most advanced handheld technology platforms available,” said Andrew Girson, SECO USA Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “The Fingertip4 platform offers a small board with increased power control and efficiency to support high-performance handheld devices and robust applications.”

About SECO USA, Inc.
SECO USA, Inc. is a leading provider of low-power embedded system-level software and hardware technologies to Original Equipment Manufacturers. SECO USA provides run-time power management software and hardware/software reference platforms to developers of handheld and wireless devices, such as cellular telephones, PDAs, wearable computers, and smart sensors. The company’s products are used in a variety of industries, including military, healthcare, entertainment, and instrumentation. SECO USA’s Fingertip, Elf, and BatterySmart products are built on industry-leading technologies such as Intel’s XScale microprocessors and Linux and Microsoft’s Windows CE operating systems. The company’s headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. For more information, please visit the company web site at

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