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SECO USA Announces New Phase of Power Management Contract

Rockville, MD, November 29th, 2004— SECO USA, Inc., a leader in handheld and wireless device platforms for OEMs, today announced that it has received a contract from the United States Navy for the second phase of a project to develop an intelligent power module for wireless smart sensors.
Under the first phase of this contract, SECO USA has been developing new methodologies to optimize energy delivery for future smart sensor systems. In the second phase, SECO USA moves into advanced development and prototyping of intelligent power modules based on SECO USA’s significant base of patent-pending intellectual property in power control, distribution, and management for handheld and wireless devices.

The primary goal of this continuing effort is to greatly extend the battery life of small, autonomous sensors. These sensors – which typically operate for months or years on a single set of batteries – are deployed in remote areas and include electronics for signal conditioning, data acquisition, signal processing, and wireless communications. SECO USA is developing technologies to aggressively increase the energy efficiency of smart sensors, while maintaining the small size and low weight that are critical features of these devices.

“SECO USA’s goal in the new phase of this important Navy program is to design and build a complete intelligent power module for smart wireless sensors,” said Andrew Girson, SECO USA’s CEO. “SECO USA’s own longstanding R&D efforts coupled with the new phase of this Navy contract will allow us to further strengthen our award-winning portfolio of low-power hardware and software products.”

Development on this contract will continue into 2006, with potential for additional follow-on funding.

About SECO USA, Inc.
SECO USA, Inc. is the foremost provider of low-power embedded system-level software and hardware technologies to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The Company provides run-time power management software and hardware/software reference platforms to developers of wireless devices, such as cellular telephones, PDAs, wearable computers, and smart sensors. The Company’s products are used in a variety of industries, including military, healthcare, entertainment, and instrumentation. The Company’s Fingertip, Elf, and BatterySmart products are built on industry-leading technologies such as Intel’s XScale microprocessors and Linux and Microsoft’s Windows CE operating systems. The company’s headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. For more information, please view the company web site at

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  • Published: Nov 29th 2004
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