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SECO USA Announces BatterySmart for Handheld Platforms

Rockville, MD, June 4, 2001- SECO USA, Inc., a leader in creating ultra-portable handheld device platforms for OEMs, today announced the availability of BatterySmart for its Elf and Fingertip handheld platforms. BatterySmart is a suite of hardware and software technologies that reduce overall power usage and give the developer and end-user more control over power consumption and performance.

Kevin Burden, IDC’s Program Manager for Smart Handheld Devices said, “Power optimization technologies, such as SECO USA’s BatterySmart, are key to fostering the levels of performance and battery duration required in vertical market handheld applications such as military, test & measurement, and point-of-sale.”

BatterySmart allows reduced power consumption in two ways. First, in hardware, extra attention has been paid to power supply designs. As a result, power requirements on SECO USA’s StrongARM-based platforms are reduced to as low as 500mW** with the CPU at 200MHz, Windows CE running, and an operational 320×240 LCD. Second, in software, BatterySmart gives the developer and end user powerful monitors and controls, allowing power consumption and performance to be fine-tuned.

“In the handheld space, it’s all about getting the most performance with the smallest batteries,” said Andrew Girson, SECO USA’s CEO. “BatterySmart reflects our commitment to thoughtful hardware design, and to providing software that gives users significant control over the delicate balancing act between power consumption and performance.”

Other BatterySmart features include:
· Adjustments can be made using plain-English settings such as “Highest Performing” and “Longest Battery Life” or using detailed settings based on MHz and milliseconds.
· Multiple settings optionally can be stored and quickly recalled, at startup, allowing “in-the-field” selection of performance and power consumption.
· BatterySmart offers a sophisticated CPU bandwidth monitor that works at the operating system’s kernel level, enabling developers to accurately determine necessary performance adjustments. This monitor offers the developer a true measure of CPU bandwidth, enabling the creation of handheld devices that use just the right amount of power.
BatterySmart will begin shipping in June and will be included free on all Elf and Fingertip Development Platform starter kits. It also will be a standard part of all Elf and Fingertip production platforms and will be included in all IP licenses.
**A white paper describing the BatterySmart technology and detailing specific power consumption numbers under a variety of operational scenarios is available at:
Using BatterySmart to Interpret and Regulate Handheld Device Power Consumption

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