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The Red Carpet Treatment: Cannes Film Festival, Oscars, and Custom Electronic Design

I am huge movie buff! In fact, I often have conversations with my brothers using just movie quotes (and our wives are embarrassed every time). However, despite my love for movies, I’ve never enjoyed watching the Cannes Film Festival or the Oscars. I will check the day after to see who won the major awards and maybe watch the host’s opening dialogue, but I rarely watch any of it live (although this would have been the year to watch live). My wife isn’t interested in Cannes or the Oscars either, but she loves watching the stars walk the red carpet. I’ll sit on my laptop not paying attention, and she will offer commentary on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every now and then she will wistfully ask, “Can you imagine living that life?” She has no desire to be famous, but having designers make dresses just for her and having a personal stylist for every time she goes out would be the life for her. So really she doesn’t want to walk the red carpet, but wants the red carpet treatment.

Truth be told, I have no desire to have a personal stylist or have clothes made just for me (even if I had limitless resources). However, there are areas in my personal and professional life that I would definitely take the red carpet experience if it were available. I would love to have a beach or lake house built exactly to my specifications with all the bells and whistles that make vacations fun for my family and me. It would be great if I could walk into a restaurant and they had prime table ready for me and exactly what I wanted to have already cooking in the kitchen. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the opportunity to live that life and just watch it from afar, dreaming of what it would be like.

However, if you or your company is in need of custom electronics then the red carpet experience doesn’t have to be a dream! SECO USA offers custom electronic design services, where we roll out the (figurative) red carpet for you and custom design a product to meet your specific requirements.

By utilizing Modified COTS, SECO USA can deliver a custom electronic design with lower cost and risk, and quicker time-to-market. Leveraging one of our validated Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms, we update the schematics, printed circuit board routing, and operating system software to optimize for specific product requirements. This includes removing unneeded features to reduce cost and power, and adding product-specific features as needed.

If you are interested in custom electronic design with SECO USA check out our website or contact our sales team. Maybe one day if your significant other longs for the red carpet experience you can let them know you’ve had it and that you’re “Kind of a big deal.”

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