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Raytheon Delivers Revolutionary Low-Power GPS Handhelds with SECO USA Technology

Rockville, MD, May 19th, 2003 — SECO USA, Inc., a leader in the development of ultra-low-power handheld device platforms, today announced that Raytheon’s Precision Guidance Systems (PGS) Division has licensed SECO USA’s low-power hardware/software reference platform technology. This technology has been used by Raytheon to deliver the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), an advanced handheld GPS receiver for soldiers, which incorporates revolutionary GPS technology and extended battery life. DAGR is the replacement for PLGR (Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver) and is expected to become the positioning device of choice for next-generation US and allied soldiers.

“In addition to incorporating Raytheon’s advanced anti-jamming technology, Raytheon’s DAGR adds Intel’s StrongARM/XScale microprocessor and Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system, thus offering advanced computing capabilities on top of basic navigation functions,” said Mike Fleenor, Director of Business Development for Raytheon’s PGS Division. “SECO USA’s low-power hardware and software technology and integration services have been key differentiators in allowing Raytheon to meet our aggressive performance and battery life goals.”

“The sophistication and integration of DAGR represents the bleeding edge in handheld computing technology, providing features of tremendous benefit to the soldier, including mapping, imagery, and situational awareness,” said Andrew Girson, SECO USA’ CEO. “We are honored to contribute our BatterySmart technology and integration services to this world-class handheld platform.”

Raytheon will deliver the first DAGR units to the US Government this spring. The multi-year agreement between Raytheon and SECO USA incorporates high-volume licensing and custom hardware/software integration services.

About SECO USA, Inc.

SECO USA, Inc. is an ultra-low-power handheld platform provider to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company provides commercial off-the-shelf developer’s kits that are industrial-strength and power-efficient, for uses in the military, medical technology and telecommunications industries among others. The platforms accommodate standard wireless, data storage and acquisition plugins. Fingertip, Elf, and OmniMeter are built on the industry’s leading technologies including Intel’s StrongARM and XScale RISC processors and Windows CE and Linux operating systems. The company’s headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. For more information please view the company web site at

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  • Published: May 19th 2003
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