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Proving Our ’Nearly Indestructible’ Rugged Tablet, Episode 2: Transit Drop

We pride ourselves on having one of the most low-power, compact, fully rugged tablets on the market – which, by the way, are completely customizable and brandable. We have touted our Hydra rugged tablets  as ‘nearly indestructible’ and now we’re going to prove it. Over a series of episodes, we’re going to put our tablet to the test; starting with some easy durability tests and getting a little tougher and more creative. We welcome suggestions on how to you’d like to see us put our tablet to the test by going to @SECO USA_Inc on Twitter and telling us your idea.

Today’s test is the transit drop test; MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.5. This test requires that we drop our tablet from a height of four feet onto  two inch thick plywood. The actual method calls for the plywood to be on top of concrete, but the table in our lab will have to do today. Additionally, the test calls for the unit to be dropped a total of 26 times, but for the purpose of our video, we are dropping is just one time on each point of vulnerability: side, corner, back and display. However, I assure you that during this video shoot, we dropped this same Hydra-F6 well over 26 over the course of retakes. (Blooper reel, anyone?)



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