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Modified COTS, Customizing OTS Rugged Tablets to Meet System Requirements

At SECO USA, we take the concept of modified COTS to a new level. While many companies offer “custom” configurations of their standard products, they are still offering certain specific configurations that may or may not meet your needs. (Remember Gateway computers circa 2000?) SECO USA, on the other hand, offers full flexibility in the customization of our standard products in order to meet our customers’ exact specifications, i.e. a standard product can be completely overhauled to create a new, custom product based on the original. And, since we are starting from a known, proven product, development time and cost associated with new product introduction are significantly reduced.

SECO USA can design and manufacture modified COTS solutions based on both board-level products and Hydra-F6 tablet. As a MCOTS example, let’s use our Hydra-F6 7″ rugged tablet. We designed it with the industrial/military/medical markets in mind and included features such as: sunlight readability, wireless communications, wireless charging, IP67 water submersion protection, Android or Linux operating systems, cellular capabilities, long battery life, Military Standard ruggedness, industrial temeprature rated components, resistive multi-touch for gloved or stylus operation, and a dock mechanism to bring out ports for development. These, among other features, demonstrate our capabilities, but each customer is different and may require a unique set of features for their own application. SECO USA can provide a solution based on our core platform and the customer’s needs through our Modified COTS process. Here are several ways the Hydra-F6 rugged tablet platform can be modified to create a custom product:

External features:

• New Bezel with your company name and logo for private label and branding
• New plastics (color and shape) for your own look and feel
• Connectors to bring out your required interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, Serial, etc. (We support most of the popular interfaces for industrial and military applications and we can bring them out to a standard or specialized connector)
• Sensors, such as card readers or fingerprint readers, can be integrated directly into the unit
• Joystick or other input methods can be integrated into the unit
• Docking stations, mounting brackets, or stands to allow integration into a vehicle or aircraft system or modifications to the mechanicals to allow mating to an existing system

Internal Features (some of these may require external modifications):

• Larger batteries for extended life
• Integration of unique radio or other components/sensors
• Addition of cellular modem for your end market
• Change of display for resolution, brightness, size, etc.
• Resistive or capacitive touch technologies


• Linux or Android are available
• Customized bootloader, splash screens, security, etc.
• Driver development for your specific peripherals or applications
• Soft button programming for existing buttons or custom located buttons
• Integration support for system-level success


• The Hydra-F6 is based on our standard Fury-F6 board and our Muse daughter card: Electronics can be modified to meet your needs for feature set, size, shape and cost
• If you have an existing enclosure or a unique size and shape, we can also modify the size and shape of our boards to meet your requirements

System Level:

• Help getting through your application specific certification such as: MIL-SPEC, FCC, EC, PTCRB, etc.
• Implement SECO USA Device Manager to update, coordinate, and track your assets wherever they may be
• A Fury-F6 development platform will help you do software, application and system level testing while your new device is being developed
SECO USA has completed several custom tablet designs incorporating many of the above customizations. With benefit of the modified COTS approach projects can start on a proven platform, meaning product development will be significantly faster and with less cost as compared to any green field development. If we can help with your next project, contact us.  Our process gets you to market faster and more efficiently.

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