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Lightweight and Portable, Custom Linux and Android Tablets can replace a laptop in many applications

The lightweight and portable nature of Linux and Android tablets make them ideal candidates to replace laptop computers in many mobile applications, particularly when the tablets can be customized to suit the needs of users.

Android and Linux tablets are smaller and easy to carry and are perfect for cloud computing applications and Internet-based information sourcing and processing. In many instances, the benefits of using an Linux or Android tablet are clear– particularly if customized or custom-made – to replace your laptop.

The reasons why Linux and Android tablets are so ideal for replacing laptops are numerous. To begin, tablets offer greater mobility due to the thin and lightweight nature of the devices. Linux and Android tablets may lack some of the hardware and peripheral ports of a PC or laptop, but these potential shortcomings are easily overcome with an external wired or wireless device, software modifications, and customization. It simply depends on what you require your tablet to do and what environment it will be exposed to.

There are many cloud based applications that allow tablet users to perform functions that they are accustomed to on their laptops. For example, if you need to use your Android tablet as a Word processor, Google developed Google Drive to permit the storage of files in the cloud, the sharing of files, and the synchronization and editing of files across multiple devices. But applications other than Google Drive are also available. As one further example, Microsoft has updated complete versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android devices.

Additionally, for Android tablets in general, Google has enabled many applications and functions through Google Applications. Many of these are cloud based and allow sharing of information. Along with Google Drive, other excellent apps and resources are made available to the user. This includes Google Classroom, a learning management system, Google Sites, a web-page creation and sharing tool, Google Photos, a photo sharing and storage service, and of course, access to all the incredible information and entertainment on the Internet that’s available through Google. Users can develop their own applications as well to easily perform their specific tasks.

In short, Linux and Android tablets can perform almost all the functions of a laptop and – depending on the user’s requirements – perhaps even more. Custom tablets offer ease of use, mobility, smart features, and power with attractive price points. And it all comes down to the power of cloud computing and the user’s preferences when customizing their tablets and devices.

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  • Published: Apr 5th 2018
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