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Leading SBC Provider Launches First Commercial System Based on New Generation Texas Instruments Processors at ESC Boston

SECO USA announces new product line, Apeiron, offering the first third party systems based on Texas Instruments DaVinci DM3730 and Sitara AM3703 processors

Boston, MA (Sept 21, 2010) –SECO USA, a leading provider of low-power embedded systems and designs for OEMs of mobile devices, today launches their new line of standard single board computers (SBC) based on Texas Instruments’(TI) DaVinci™ DM3730 video processor and Sitara™ AM3703 ARM® microprocessors (MPUs). At 2.5 inches squared, their smallest standard system to date, the Apeiron line will offer the SECO USA Fury, based on TI’s DaVinci DM3730 video processor, and Siren, based on TI’s Sitara AM3703 MPU. Fury and Siren are the first production quality systems available, based on the newest evolution of TI’s OMAP 35x generation of processors.

The full-function SBCs both offer 1GHz of processing power and a wide range of peripherals including: microUSB, RS-232 serial port, three USB 2.0 Host ports, 256MB DDR, 512MB NAND Flash, microSD Slot/SDIO, expansion card connectors and GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi options. Fury adds dual core capabilities by combining the 1GHz Cortex™-A8 ARM MPU for advanced GUIs, with a 800MHz TMS320C64X+™ DSP  (for advanced multimedia and signal processing including 720p video), and a PowerVR SGX™ 3D graphics accelerator for advanced, high-powered graphics. The Apeiron line, available Fall 2010, focuses on general purpose military, medical and industrial applications with a need for small size and low power. The new product line also includes an off-the-shelf expansion board, Muse, offering additional peripherals for quick and easy expandability.

“SECO USA’s collaboration with TI has lead to a revolutionary and cutting edge SBC,” stated Juan Gonzales, DaVinci™ video processors marketing manager, Texas Instruments. “The small size of Fury and Siren with their expansive list of peripherals, low-power excellence and full board support package combines with TI’s long-standing focus on low-power, multimedia performance, and an expansive embedded processor portfolio to create an incredible opportunity for OEMs to easily create a great handheld, wireless device utilizing a technologically advanced embedded processor.”

“We are excited to launch our smallest sized standard SBC with the speed and versatility of this new line to our customers,” stated Dan Rowland, VPof marketing for SECO USA. “With our expertise in low-power and high-performance products, we are thrilled to offer a general purpose line with high-powered graphics and video capabilities. This pairing generates a solid foundation of endless possibilities for customers to create faster, smaller and more powerful handheld devices with the graphics and multimedia capabilities end users have grown accustom to. This tiny and powerful advanced ARM-based solution will lead the way for the ultra-mobile devices of the future.”

The Fury system will demo at SECO USA’s booth, #1109, during the Embedded Systems Conference expo in Boston (Sept 21 & 22).

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