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Industrial Android Tablet Uses in the Construction Industry

Building information technology (BIM) and construction management software (CMS) are just two of the important tools for the construction industry that rely on industrial Android tablet use in the field. While these and other applications have a big in-device use potential, it is the device’s ability to provide wireless connectivity in a durable, rugged package that truly expands that potential.

The construction industry is a broad field that encompasses many sectors where the use of an industrial Android tablet will has both overlapping and separate uses. For example, in heavy construction, surveying processes across road and building construction are more efficient with the ability to deliver 4G LTE and Wi-Fi capability that enable inventory and parts management, crew messages and more.

In addition, these devices are compatible with Android-based survey and GIS software for mapping applications. Uses can also include mapping complex networks of fiber optic cables, gas lines, and other equipment affecting underground utilities for road construction or job site preliminary surveys.

To do this, an industrial Android tablet must handle the advanced workflow for data capture, accurate positioning, and data transmission. Since these are field-based environments that are unforgiving, an OEM Android tablet is unlikely to provide the same reliability over a long lifecycle that justifies the investment. Additionally, industrial Android tablets may be designed to accommodate custom interfaces and specialized equipment.

Supply movements to and from heavy construction sites are often critically timed for use due to limited storage space. Industrial tablet GPS and internet connectivity allows real-time supervisor oversight of incoming and outgoing materials via fleet traffic. They can track important deliveries for parts and materials in real time to keep a tight rein on time estimates for both the crew and the company.

Once on the job site, tracking materials and supplies is an ongoing concern where dirt, dust, the elements and the potential for vibration, bumps, and drops is always present for an OEM Android tablet. Today’s custom Android tablet manufacturer incorporates all the compute, connectivity, and versatile application compatibility into rugged handheld devices that also make on-site mobile material tracking simple. These devices can come with barcode readers and RFID scanners capable of inventory and asset tracking around the job site in real time.

Fleet management in the field is a crucial aspect of construction which an industrial Android tablet can facilitate better preventive maintenance practices. Workforce scheduling to know exactly who is supposed to be where at what time is crucial to tight project timelines. This is made more effective by the ability to send notification via email or text to any workers of real time updates.

On-site workers can easily communicate problems or delays to supervisors and project managers in real time. Internal video or photographic recording options can relay vital construction images to accurately convey a problem or provide visual proof for procedure sign off. The ability to pull up plans in seconds and interface with AutoCAD for real-time plan adjustments can be vital to the common need for in-process project changes.

While an OEM Android tablet or smartphone may provide some of the functionality needed in heavy construction, it often cannot bring the broadest versatility needed. It often cannot withstand dirt and dust, water, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and drops that can lead to use interruptions, repairs, and shorter device lifespans. By working with the right custom Android tablet manufacturer, construction entities have cost effective solutions that are purpose built for broad uses and harsh environments while streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency.

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