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Full-Function Intel Atom-based SBC to Demo Windows 7


Rockville, MD (October 27, 2009) – SECO USA, a low-power embedded solutions provider for OEMs of wireless and handheld devices, will be one of the first hardware vendors to demo Windows 7 and Windows Embedded Standard 2011 this week at the Real Time & Embedded Systems Conferences (RTECC) in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA, as well as RTECC’s D.C. show on Nov. 17 in Reston, VA. The demo will occur on SECO USA’s Intel Atom-based full-function single board computer (SBC), FireFly. The small, power efficient full-function Atom-based system, whose recent revision produced power numbers approximately at 4.5 Watts running (S0) and 500mW in sleep state (S3), will be one of the first to run the latest Windows Operating Systems (OS).

Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7, technology has been built directly into the Windows Embedded Platform – Windows Embedded Standard 2011, which delivers the high performance power of Windows 7 to specialized devices that connect seamlessly to Windows based products. The OS boasts a range of new features and high reliability that allows embedded developers to focus on core competencies, enhance the user experience and seamlessly connect specialized devices, such as handhelds, to an existing desktop infrastructure. Combining SECO USA’s low-power, embedded expertise with the new OS will help customers decrease time-to-market and cost using the latest Windows 7 innovations, feature componentization, hardware and software flexibility, and integrated tools and embedded enabling features.

“Supporting the next generation of the Windows Operating Systems on our FireFly product was important to our customers,” said, Dan Rowland, VP of Marketing for SECO USA. “Embedded products have a typical product life cycle of 5 or more years. Many new product designs start with the latest technology, such as the Intel Atom and Windows 7 based OS to ensure availability for the duration of the product. In addition, features such as native support for multi-touch user interfaces are becoming increasingly important to designers of handheld embedded devices. By combining the new features of Windows 7 with the low power, high performance of the FireFly SBC, our customers can quickly build small form factor mobile devices with intuitive user interface and long battery life. ”

FireFly and its Development Platform are available now. For more information please contact sales at 240-558-2014, ext. 216 or visit For RTECC details, visit

SECO USA, Inc. is a leading provider of low-power embedded systems to Original Equipment Manufacturers. Every SECO USA system includes BatterySmart, SECO USA’s patented run-time power management software for battery-operated handheld and wireless devices, such as UMPCs, PDAs, wearable computers, industrial computers, and smart sensors. The company’s products are used in a variety of industries, including military, healthcare, entertainment, and instrumentation. SECO USA’s FireFly, Fingertip and BatterySmart products are built on industry-leading technologies, such as Intel’s Atom processors, and Linux and Microsoft’s Windows CE, Mobile and Windows Embedded operating systems. SECO USA products are made in the USA. The company’s headquarters are located along the I-270 Technology Corridor in Rockville, Maryland. For more information, visit

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