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Custom Made Tablets: Tough from the inside out!

Custom-made tablets have the advantage of being tough from the inside out because the designs and features are specially manufactured for particular users, some of which involve the most demanding needs in the harshest environments. Additionally, custom-made tablets – such as custom medical tablets – must meet brand manufacturer, end-user, and regulatory standards.

The qualities of tough, durable customizable tablets and custom rugged tablets will depend on the industry and the user. It is most likely that a primary feature such tablets will require will be a shock-proof housing that will keep the tablet functioning despite drops and heavy bumps. Such durability must also apply to a shatter-proof touch screen and display assembly. What’s more, rugged tablets must be impervious to environments that are commonly found in warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation. This means the tablet will need to be resistant to dusty and even moist and wet environments with extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Custom made tablets must meet the stringent standards of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that sell the tablets and the rigorous needs of their customers. This can include demanding applications in fields of medicine, law enforcement and security, military, and many industrial applications. Some of the features that typically need to be considered for rugged custom-made tablets include:

  • Weight and slimness: i.e., dimensions of the unit and portability of the device
  • Durability (i.e., resistance to drops, knocks, jarring, vibration)
  • Screen size and resolution
  • Security
  • Operating system
  • Software capabilities
  • RAM (Random-access memory)
  • Battery power and its duration of use
  • Custom connectors, docking mechanisms and peripherals

Other features that need to be considered for device design include whether the unit can be utilized in dark and bright, direct sunlight environments. It is also likely that it may need to be operated with gloved hands as well as be used with a stylus. It must have components and hardware that are as durable and dependable as the unit’s housing. This can even include a requirement for the device to operate in fluctuations of external (atmospheric) pressure, as well as through excessive and even dramatic changes in temperature.

Additionally, as tablets make their way to market, designers and manufacturers must take into account pricing (driven by volume requirements), as well as style, appeal, and brand-specific qualities of the device. In short, custom-made tablets means the design must address the requirements of a specific manufacturer for that manufacturer’s customers, and only the top leading tablet designers in the world have such expertise and capabilities.

All this and more is the specialty of SECO USA – a leading provider of low-power embedded systems and software to Original Equipment Manufacturers of handheld, Internet of Things (IoT), and wireless devices. SECO USA fulfills the most demanding needs in markets that include industrial, medical, and military and defense with a range of specialized, custom products and services.

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