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Electrical Engineer

  • By: admin
  • Published: May 22nd 2020
  • Categorized: Jobs

Position Summary: SECO USA is seeking an energetic, highly-motivated individual with excellent EE skills for a challenging and rewarding position designing single board computers for handheld and tablet applications. The successful candidate should have strong working knowledge of analog and digital circuit design, embedded system architecture, PCB CAD tools, FPGA…

Purchasing Manager

  • By: admin
  • Published: Jul 21st 2016
  • Categorized: Jobs

POSITION SUMMARY: This individual will be responsible for all SECO USA purchasing for engineering and manufacturing.  He/she will assist engineers by providing information on components and procure samples.  He/she will evaluate and make recommendation on alternate parts.  When a part goes EOL, he/she will take steps to mitigate adverse impacts…

Assembly / Electronics Technician

  • By: admin
  • Published: Nov 13th 2014
  • Categorized: Jobs

POSITION SUMMARY: This individual will assist with various R&D and customer projects. He/she will primarily perform assembly and repair of fine-pitch electronic PCBs developed and maintained by SECO USA. The individual will be responsible for electronic assembly and testing of printed circuit boards, although the ability to troubleshoot and debug…

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